To thank those who refer quality candidates to us, we offer a referral of 100 for every candidate who secures a permanent new role through us.

Looking For Employment Within The Fashion Industry?

House Of Fashions Associates Ltd Helps You Land The Right Job

Matching Roles That Complement Your Skills

If you are a candidate looking for a new and exciting role with the fashion/textiles supply chain industry, you have come to the right place. At House of Fashion Associates Ltd, we carry a wealth of knowledge about the fashion industry and recruit for diverse sectors within it.

We invest considerable time researching the dynamic market landscape and interacting with candidates on a one-to-one basis to know them better. For an effective screening procedure, we make sure to study each candidate’s employment history, experience, technical expertise, character and conduct.

Accordingly, our recruitment process is adapted to the candidate’s ambitions and salary expectations so we can select the best candidate for available vacancies and job roles. Because we have a direct approach to business, we can engage with employers without an intermediary to understand their requirements and key selection criteria.

Corresponding to that, we identify potential candidates and provide them with the right guidance and unbiased advice on how to make it through the recruitment process. All candidates are kept updated throughout the process and extended support, whenever needed.

At House of Fashion Associates, reliability and compassion are paramount. We work on behalf of potential employees – listening to their individual requirements and acting in their best interest to find them the perfect job role. This helps us deliver on our mission of building ongoing relationships based on the cornerstone of trust.

Applying our professional network, we match talent to excellent job opportunities relevant to production/fashion recruitment whilst choosing candidates for the jobs they specify. We believe looking for a job is also a job that pays off only when done right. So, let House of Fashion Associates simplify it for you.

We Help You With…

  1. Interview Tips and Salary Guidance

We prepare you for interviews, advising on how to respond to questions and salary requirement requests so you stand a chance of securing the job.

  1. Meeting The Right Employer

With a direct reach to high-street fashion companies, we hold a professional network covering retail and wholesale businesses, e-Commerce, luxury brands, and more.